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Kikko - Making a Global Contribution | Kikko provides support for all kinds of communication in the fields of international politics and business. We value the close relationships with our clients based on 34 years of experience.

Language Services

Kikko provides professional interpretation and translation services across a wide range of fields. Please feel free to contact us about your language needs, including services for international conferences.

Our Services
Interpretation Services
Translation Services
Video Subtitling Services
Languages Offered
Examples of Services Provided

Human Resource Services

Kikko can supply a wide range of experienced professional staff including receptionists, secretaries, administrative staff, interpreters, translators, and various professionals who can assist with managing and running your event, including MCs.

Our Services
Temporary staffing (clerical work)
Trial staffing before employment
Permanent Placement
In-company training

Attendant Services

Kikko can arrange for sophisticated English-speaking attendants to help your receptions and parties go smoothly. Attendants are available to work both on reception and inside the venue.

Our services
Attendant fees and uniform / fashion options

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